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Formosa Chamber Music Festival

Bringing a fresh aesthetic to a traditional art form.

Each year, the Formosa Quartet travel home to put on a festival for the most promising students in Taiwan. FCMF allows students the opportunity to participate in a high caliber music festival without traveling abroad. It gives them the honour of working with internationally renowned professors and provides them with a better chance of further education.


We were consulted to bring a fresh pair of eyes to this established event. Firstly pitching 3 diverse creative routes, before developing the client’s chosen direction further. 


This illustrative identity creates characters from Taiwan’s national animals, and focuses heavily on the venue of the festival, in which the students will be surrounded by nature. The bold visuals contrast with the traditional stereotype of chamber music, appealing to a younger audience.


Formosa Quartet



Art Direction


Creative Direction


Logo Design

Web Design


60 Degree



2017 + 2018

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