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Jet Set English

Creating a brand to merge online and offline education.

Jet Set English is a brand new independent school, providing innovative learning experiences for students in Taiwan. 


The brand identity all stems from the logo design, which links not only to their name, but also to their USP of creating digital content as they teach. The logomark is made up of a triangle, drawn by the route of a plane.

This represents the play button on their videos and podcasts, as well as an arrow showing the students progress and moving towards the future. The play button also hints that the Jet Set English courses are a more playful way of learning, through field trips and fun activities. After the initial logo concepts and design, the fun part of the project was taking the logo style and creating graphic elements to use in socials, video creation and podcast cover art. The digital content is an essential selling point for the school, so having a playful colour palette and style to work with creates endless possibilities for future courses and digital series.​​​​​​​


Jet Set English


Brand Identity

Logo Design

Podcast Cover Art

Social Media Assets

YouTube Cover Art

2D Animation




Formosa Chamber Music Festival

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